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Website Maintenance

Warsi Web Maintenance Services a click away? We will make sure that there are no bugs and errors functioning on your website. We at Warsi Entrepreneurs believe that when an audience visits your website, they should experience freshness and energy from the content of your website.

Website Maintenance
Eliminate Bugs From Your Website

We Eliminate Every Bug From Your Website

Our web developers respond timely to any query initiated by you.

Glitches in backend programs are also removed. We put in commands that will ensure the smooth working of your website. We know the trends and developments happening in the IT world.

What platform updated its GUI and in which month that update happened. We know these trends are fully able to update your website and allow the smooth function of your website to generate sales for your business.

Our Responsibility

It’s all about the overall management of your data on your website. From the hosting of your website to the information present on your website, all these are important for the functioning of your website.

Therefore, we have to deploy a number of tools to enhance the security and safety of your website. Any threats initiated on your website will be repelled by our efficient security system deployed specifically for your website. We understand how important it is, so we don’t take it lightly.

Warsi Responsibility

Website Maintenance Is Based On Six Pillars

To keep your website up-to-date, something must be considered:

  • Checklists Of Performance

    Checklists Of Performance

    A well-maintained website should be able to perform well. It should be free from any spam that interferes with the day-to-day working of the website. Performance parameter ensures the smooth functioning of the website.

  • Timely Fixes

    Timely Fixes

    Timely fixing of bugs that interfere with the working of a website requires an hour. Any third-party plugins are treated accordingly. We believe that a minute delay can affect your business.

  • Backups


    Timely backups would be provided on demand. The backups are necessary to store reliable information that can be used for the development of new business. Ample storage is provided for backups on your website.

  • Viruses


    The most common irritants that irritate the audience. Viruses on your website through some ambiguous links are also eliminated.

How Do We Work And Why Should You Hire Us?

We know the importance of web maintenance and its relation to the working of your business. Our capable team of professionals will put their expertise to work for your product. Make ensure that your website is up-to-date and functions properly.

At Warsi Entrepreneurs, we provide solutions for the growth of your business. Our web maintenance team ensures:

Regular and Timely Updates

Regular and Timely Updates

Our team will make sure that your website gets the proper updates and it should function smoothly. One of the major advantages you have is that you can speedily upload any images, links, and updates for your products. Items that are no longer required can be deleted without any delays.

Quality Service

Quality Service

At Warsi Entrepreneurs, there is no compromise on quality. We value your trust in us and we believe that it’s our moral obligation to provide you with quality content for the website.

Affordable Rates

Affordable Rates

Our rates are the most affordable in the market. We provide quick, speedy, and reliable solutions to your problems. At Warsi, we provide end-to-end maintenance services for your website. You don’t need to hesitate to get a quote.

Importance of Website Maintenance

In one word, your website will boost your business, and if it isn’t maintained well, your business will not grow. Our decade-old experience in HTML, PERL, CSI, ASP, JAVA, and PHP scripts enables us to add new pages to your website along with the maintenance of the old web pages. One of the major advantages of keeping your website updated is:

  • To increase its brand value.
  • To gain the trust of your audience.
  • It increases authenticity.
  • Generate a new market for your business.

Technical Assistance Is Available 24 Hours A Day, Seven Days

Any attacks on your website or any hacks would be promptly repelled by our team. The safety and security of your website are our first priority. Moreover, we also make sure that all the sections of your website are performing at their maximum.

From sending emails to advertisements, all sections of the website are addressed properly.

A well-maintained website always has a fresh look for your product. We at Warsi make sure that the fragrance of freshness remains on your website. For this, we make sure that your website has.

A Freshness To Your Website

Reliable content can increase traffic to your website. It means that it provides needed information about your brand, product, or service. Content should be able to create excitement for your product.

Reliable Content

The flow patterns are important. Objectives of the product should be clear and precise in flow. Too much repetition and irrelevant things don’t work well for your website.


When the above things mentioned are done efficiently, then traffic starts increasing on your website. The traffic shows that the audience has started trusting your website. This also helps to generate sales.

We work with all sections of society. Today, websites are the basic need of every business, from industries to service providers, who want their websites to function at their best. Some of our potential clients are:

  • E-commerce service providers to expand their business.
  • Corporates and industrial tycoons to show their growth and new strategies.
  • NGOs Social work organizations to create awareness.
  • Educational Institutions for their day-to-day functioning.

We also make sure that your website gets.

Increased Website Traffic

To review your work and to provide you with timely copywriting and SEO-based services.

Timely Audits

We analyze the day-to-day operation of your website. Any restructuring in terms of the design and layout would be done if required.

Site Restructuring

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Web Maintenance Services

A website is considered as well maintained website if it has:

Timely Updates

Timely Updates

Regular updates in a sequence are the main factor that maintains the flow of the website. Regular updates in terms of the content of the site ensure quality and keep the audience well engaged with the product or services offered.

Technical Maintenance

Technical Maintenance

We ensure organic traffic on your website. The technical maintenance of a website should ensure that the website is free from bugs and errors that cause hindrance in the day-to-day functioning of a website.

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress Maintenance

To redesign the security patches for your website. This type of maintenance is extremely important.

Analytical Reports

Analytical Reports

The stats are important & analytical reports by Google help you a lot. These reports tell you about the traffic on your page. The development of landing pages and their performance according to the parameters defined by the browser.

What We Offer At Warsi Web Maintenance Services

Updated Website

At Warsi, we guarantee that your website will look updated all the time. Your clients will see the freshness when they visit your site. From content to design parameters, timely updates will feature increased organic traffic on your website.

Updated Website

Fixing Of Bugs

The website will be free from any bugs and errors that disturb the overall performance and functioning of your website. Our regular checks will ensure that your website doesn’t get stuck on bugs and errors. As and when required.

Fixing Of Bugs

24/7 Availability

Our dedicated team will be available at your disposal 24/7. Web maintenance is not a 9-5 job. It needs supervision 24/7. Our teams will ensure the smooth working of your website. You must feel free to contact us. We are just a click away.

247 Availability

Timely Backups

You have invested a lot in your website. We make sure that the information on your website is well-kept. For this, we provide timely backups of your website.

Timely Backups
Warsi Web Maintenance Services


We, at Warsi Entrepreneurs, believe in your satisfaction and will ensure that your audience enjoys smooth surfing on your website. This would not only increase your traffic but also your product sales.

Security Of The Website

Security Of The Website

Our teams make sure that your website remains safe and secure. Any attempt to hack or dismantle your website will be promptly tackled. We make sure that we provide adequate security for your website.

Technical Support

Technical Support

Our technical teams are here to guide you 24/7. We know the trends in the market and we provide timely recommendations that are necessary for the smooth functioning of your website.



A diverse website generates good sales and has the potential to explore multiple markets. We look for new plug-ins and install them on your website. Make sure that the plug-ins installed are compactable for your website.



Our team has a decade of experience working with organizations from all across the world. We would be happy to share our experience with you. The experience will be helpful in boosting the performance of your website.

Website Maintenance & Support Packages


General Features 5 Hours / Month

1 Designs (Banners)

Text update (client supplied)

Fixing broken links – 5/month

Improving Code – 5/month updates

Optimization of client-supplied images

Setting up Email – 10/month

The monthly traffic analysis report

24/7 Support – Email/Ticket


General Features 10 Hours / Month

2 Designs (Banners)

Text update (client supplied)

Fixing broken links – 10/month

Improving Code – 10/month updates

Optimization of client-supplied images

Setting up Email – 20/month

The monthly traffic analysis report

24/7 Support – Email/Ticket


General Features 15 Hours / Month

3 Designs (Banners)

Text update (client supplied)

Fixing broken links – 15/month

Improving Code – 15/month updates

Optimization of client-supplied images

Setting up Email – 30/month

The monthly traffic analysis report

24/7 Support – Email/Ticket


General Features 20 Hours / Month

4 Designs (Banners)

Text update (client supplied)

Fixing broken links – 20/month

Improving Code – 20/month updates

Optimization of client-supplied images

Setting up Email – 40/month

The monthly traffic analysis report

24/7 Support – Email/Ticket

FAQs (Website Maintenance & Support)

It all depends on the content of your website, mostly HTML, PERL, CSI, ASP, JAVA, and PHP are used. We make sure that we find the best and latest trends for your website that meet the requirements of your product. One of the major reasons for using JAVA is that it is used all over the world, and your website can be accessed without facing any sort of delays.

It depends upon the content of your website. If you have a specific date in your mind, let us know and we will be happy to meet the deadline.

At Warsi Entrepreneurs, we guarantee that you will have SEO-based optimized content for your website. Moreover, we also make sure that the content provided to your website is unique and free from any copyright claims. We believe the website should endure freshness for your audience.

There are many social media platforms on which you can promote your website. The efficient use of social media platforms boosts the organic traffic on your website. Social media marketing strategies provide fruitful for a lot of products.

Of course, we offer a 24/7 customer support system and we ensure that all your questions and suggestions are handled promptly. Moreover, we appreciate feedback from your end that can enhance our productivity. Your suggestions are always welcome.