Meet The Team

Meet the Team of visionary Digital Revolutionary World of Freelancing and Entrepreneurial Domains.

The Warsi Entrepreneurs Pakistan team is an inspiring group of entrepreneurs and innovators from various fields ranging from technology to finance. They are determined to drive innovation and success in Pakistan, by providing services and support to the businesses and startups that are building up the country. Among them are developers, marketers, consultants, product managers, designers, and many more working hard to make Pakistan a hub of innovation. With a vision to transform Pakistan into a leading economy in the world, they believe in the power of entrepreneurship to create positive change.

They also provide mentorship and guidance on starting and growing businesses, as well as facilitate access to resources and tools that enable businesses to scale up.

Warsi Entrepreneurs Pakistan is also actively working to promote social entrepreneurship in the country. They support entrepreneurs from marginalized communities and provide financial literacy, as well as access to resources and training. By empowering these entrepreneurs, they are helping to create a more equitable economic landscape for everyone. This also helps create jobs, grow businesses, and encourage broader development in the region.

Mr. Muhammad Imran Hussain


Munazza Nawaz


Rahim Gul

Project Director

Qari Jawad Hussain Shah

Project Director

Naseer Ahmed

Project Director

Rehan Hyder

Sales Chief

Junaid Hafeez

SEO & Guest Blogging Trainer

Gull Shair Qayyum

Freelancing Trainer

Muhammad Umer Khan

Websit Design and Development

Amin Mir

Senior Video Editor & Trainer

Ikram Ali ( Kami )

Junior Video Editor

Haider Ali

Graphic Designer

Abdullah Bin Shahid

Graphic Designer

Aqib Javed

Content Writer

Nadia Shakeel

Affiliate Marketer

Ashifa Assam

Interview Trainer

Nafeesa Waheed

Affiliate Marketer

Sahibzada Mohsin Khalid

Korean Language Trainer